Gremlins and Hydras and Bugbears, Oh my! Twenty six pages of fantastic and legendary monsters from mythologies throughout the world, past and present. Mythical Monster Alphabet is a collection of unique illustrations of bizarre beasts in dramatic and suspense-filled scenes.

A new children’s book coming out soon! In a Bird Bath is a sing-along story about a girl walking about a twisty path and stumbling across multiple bird baths with unlikely animals bathing in them. Illustrated by Bodie and written by Cambria Blakely.

A dark Indie comic about an American orangutan soldier in the middle of the Vietnam invasion. El Krudo toils in the bush with his killer ape skills and precocious mind melded by the insatiable war machine. Bodie illustrates for issue #4. Written and created by Manny Shape. | 858.822.8543