Bodie Shaw is a seasoned illustrator, painter, graphic artist, animator, and children’s author who has spent the last 15 years designing a rich variety of books, comics, cartoons, and video games. Having begun his career in the early ‘90s by creating posters for punk bands in the Central San Joaquin Valley, he’s since expanded into 2D animation, game design, and children’s art. Drawing his inspiration from the classic art styles of Frank Frazetta, Chris Van Alsburg, Alan Lee and Dungeons & Dragons, Bodie aims to uplift people and enrich their lives with the joys of art. As the author of Mythical Monster Alphabet, he hopes to capture children’s imaginations with breathtaking artwork that inspires them to discover the world’s mythology. Bodie currently resides in the golden Yosemite Foothills in California with his wife, three little hell raisers, and their feral cat. | 858.822.8543